Skull, engraving by Takuji Kubo

Kubo, Takuji - Skull - Japanese Contemporary Art

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Title:  "Skull"
Signed and numbered
Edition : 70
Number : 20
Date: N/A
Paper size (or piece size) : plate  4½" x 7½"
Condition : Very good
Provenance: N/A

Tako Takuji, Japanese, born 1948

Kubo, from Ehime prefecture, learned intaglio techniques at Tama University of Fine Arts, Tokyo, where he earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees in printmaking. His teacher was Komai Tesurô (1920-1976), an early proponent of modern copperplate etching who was internationally known through prize-winning work shown at the Sào Paulo and Lugano print exhibitions in the early 1950s.

After completing his MFA in 1976, Kubo attended Morley College in London where he studied old master engravings for three years before returning to Japan. Since 1981, Kubo has been teaching printmaking himself, first at Tama and subsequently at numerous art institutions in Japan, Taiwan, and China. Fine detail is his strength: Aida Studios, which represents the artist in London, reports that Kubo is capable of engraving eleven lines in one millimeter without using a magnifying glass.