Purple composition, gouache on paper by Carlo Marangio

Marangio, Carlo - Abstract composition, gouache on paper - Italian Abstract Art on Paper

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Original gouache on paper
Signed in pencil

Edition : Single work
Number : Without
Date: 1977
Paper : Light wove paper
Illustration size : 49,8 x 75 cm
Paper size (or piece size) : 49,8 x 75 cm
Condition : Very good
Provenance: Artist

About the artist:
Carlo Marangio was educated at the Istituto d’Arte in Lecce before enrolling at the Magistero d’Arte in Florence. During his student years, his talent was rewarded by winning the First Prize in two painting competitions and by the invitation to exhibit at the 3rd National Biennale for young artists in Rome.

Many of Marangio’s compositions from the 1970s consist of monochrome surfaces
where brushstrokes and marks of thickish oil form the background on which beautiful
configurations painted in ‘loud’, bold gestures from a restricted palette of colours are
hurdled together in the bottom half of the canvas. One senses in these paintings that
particular attention to painterly aesthetics that is one of the characteristics attributed to what is labelled the Ecole de Paris. Slowly, however, the artist’s paintings were to
become filled with numerous and more intricate, baroque constructions, and the
colour range gained new opulence and vibrancy. Marangio’s works are for the most
part either painted in a range of brown, red and yellow ochres or they are given a
scale dominated by hues of blue, perhaps thus echoing Salento, the sun-baked, fruitgiving terra surrounded by the sea.

Solo Exhibitions
1958 Circolo Cittadino, Lecce; 1960 Galleria dei Re Magi, Milan; 1962 Galerie
Camion, Paris; 1964 Galerie Ferrero, Geneva, Switzerland; 1965 Società Operaia,
Lecce; 1971 Galleria Il Ridotto, Turin; 1972 Libreria Feltrinelli, Bologna; Galleria
Feltrinelli, Parma; Square Gallery, Milan; 1975 Art Direct, Paris; 1977 La Palmeraie,
Paris; 1980 Galeria de la Alianza Francesa de San Angel, Mexico City, Mexico; 1982
Galleria Seno, Milan; Artestudio 36, Lecce; 1984 Galleria Vinciana, Milan; 1986 La
Galerie Elkaim-Villain, Paris; 1988 Galerie J.P.Villain, Paris.