BOB COSFORD - "Shocking Fiction" 2012, Limited edition Giclee Print

BOB COSFORD - "Shocking Fiction" 2012, Limited edition Giclee Print

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Limited edition of 75
Giclee on 280gsm photo lustre paper
Signed and Blind stamped with certificate of authenticity
59.5cm x 42cm 

After studying for four years at art school Cosford started his artistic endeavours as a freelance commercial illustrator. In the late 1970's he created the animated artwork including the infamous 'Flying Sausage' for the Title Sequence of the much loved series 'Grange Hill' and for the drama series 'Pennies From Heaven' by Dennis Potter. These were amongst many commissioned by the BBC.

Later Cosford worked for many years around Camden and Soho in London winning many awards as a creative director for film and television. His work included branding and design and direction for major TV companies and Ad Agencies.

He returned to his creative roots In 2003 to showcase the wide variety work he was producing as images for print. This included elaborate photomontages with digitally hand drawn imaging. Much of this developed into social and politically themed Outsider and Urban Art with ironic references to celebrities and mainstream entertainment.

Provenance: The Bob Cosford Collection of Contemporary and Street Art