'Long Live Blue Eyes', abstract study, oil on canvas by Peter Nyborg
Nyborg, Peter - 'Long Live Blue Eyes' - Danish Contemporary Art

Nyborg, Peter - 'Long Live Blue Eyes' - Danish Contemporary Art

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Abstract study

Edition : Single work
Title: "Long Live Blue Eyes"
Date: inscribed, titled and dated 2016 verso
Paper size (or piece size) : 130 x 75 cm
Condition : Very good
Provenance: Artist

About the artist.
Peter Nyborg is a Postwar & Contemporary painter, born in 1937 in Denmark.
Peter Nyborg has his starting point in Nordic expressionism, but his works have a greater degree of abstraction and apparent randomness similar to American action painting. His earliest works were black and white and were based on the Cobra artists' motifs, in particular Carl-Henning Pedersen, but were replaced by images whose colors are driven up in the highest register or down in the deepest. The works can be built up of strong blue, smoldering red, intense yellow or light, spring green colors, but also of black, white and brown shades. The paint layer can be quite thin or pasto cheese with incised lines. Some paintings express visions of the tranquility and beauty of the universe, but can still be characterized by a ferocity in the struggle of forms against each other that can make them appear as representations of pagan rituals.

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts [Egill Jacobsen, Mogens Andersen] 1960-63

Selected Exhibitions 
Trinity, Copenhagen 1959
Kunstnernes Kunsthandel, Copenhagen 1960, 1962, 1975
Henning Larsens Kunsthandel, Copenhagen 1965
Niks Malergård, Søster Svenstrup 1970 
Gallerihuset, København 1978, 1984
Galleri Henrik Kampmann 1980, 1982, 1996
Galleri Knud Grothe, Charlottenborg 1985-88, 1990, 1992
Sydslesvig danske Kunstforening 1987
Gl. Holtegård, Søllerød 1987 [m. Doris Bloom, Gunnar Møller, Ingálvur av Reyni]
The Great Country, Danish Design Gallery, Bruxelles 1988
The Viking Wall, Kalmar Konstmuseum m.fl. 1988-90
Taiwan Museum of Art, Taichung 1989, 1993
Signs of the Gods, Rudolf Tegners Museum 1993

Selected Group Exhibitions
The Artists 'Autumn Exhibition 1959-61
The Summer Exhibition, The Free Exhibition Building 1961
Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 1962-64, 1967, 1972
Nordic Youth Biennale , Charlottenborg 1962 
Biennale de Paris, Musée d´Art moderne de la Ville de Paris 1963
The Artists' Easter Exhibition Charlotten
The Autumn Exhibition 1964
The Green Year 1964 
Modern Danish Art, Palace of Art, Glasgow 1968 M 59, 1977-79, 1981-85 
Southeast, Kalmar Museum 1979-81, 1983 
Danish-Italian exhibition, Gallery Ægidius, Randers 1983 Il Cielo dei Vichingi, Teatro Monviso, Cuneo, Italy 1984
Danish art in the 70s, Kunstforeningen, Copenhagen 1985
Il Colpo dei Barbari, Brandts Pakhus, Copenhagen 1985, 1988
Focus 5, Gl. Holtegård 1987
FIAC, Paris 1988-89
Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, USA 1996

Prizes and Scholarships
Carlson's Prize 1962
Gerda Iversen 1962
Wilstrup 1962
Neuhausen 1963
The French State Scholarship 1963
Academy 1963-64, 1971
August Schiøtt 1965
Statens Kunstfond 1965, 1968, 1971, 1974, 1979, 1984
Rigenstrup 1966
Alfred Benzon's Prize 1972
Danmarks Nationalbank's Jubilæumsfond 1985
EF- artist 1989